Our program is built on three pillars:

Movement, Nutrition, & Accountability

I. Movement

Your body is designed to move.  Our recommendations are body friendly and proven to help you move better, reduce the risk of injury, increase energy, improve strength, and gradually enhance every part of your physical and psychological health.

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Here is what you must commit to:

  1. Daily movement for roughly 3% or 43 minutes of your day.
  2. Attend three live strength & conditioning sessions per week.
  3. Perform cardiovascular exercise on days you do not attend live sessions.


Developing healthy eating habits requires you to work on your relationship with food. We’ll personalize a nutrition plan based upon your goals. For some, we may recommend educational resources, meal plans, grocery lists, daily weigh-ins, and food tracking. For others, we may focus on movement and mindfulness. In essence, your nutrition plan must be personalized. Healthy eating can be simple, enjoyable, cost-effective, and satisfying.

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Here is what your coach might request from you:

  1. Weigh-in daily and record
  2. Track food daily and record


Accountability from your primary coach is the glue that holds everything together and the reason our clients have high success rates and get such jaw dropping results. You'll have a transformation coach with you every step of the way, encouraging you, motivating you, and supporting you, so you never fall off track.

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To achieve the greatest results:

  1. Meet weekly with your primary coach to discuss progress and tweak the program if necessary

The benefits of exercise and healthy eating are well established in research, yet our society is overwhelmingly unhealthy and overweight.  The solution to optimal health, graceful aging, and living an extraordinary life is complex requires more than just joining a gym.

Personal wellness coaching begins with a caring relationship that drives progress from accountability through behavior targets.  This program addresses three of the most significant obstacles associated with optimal health, graceful aging, and reaching your potential.  These obstacles include lack of guidance, low motivation, and no accountability.


Strategy Session

Our strategy sessions are always complimentary. We need to make sure the program is a good fit for you and that you are a good fit for the program. We are unable to accept everyone..

Meet your Coach

Your primary coach troubleshoots and establishes the details of your movement, nutrition, and accountability program.

Attend 3 live Sessions

Making yourself a priority in your weekly and daily schedule is important. Our sessions represent 3% of your day or 43 minutes. Consistency is the key to a great result.

Weekly Coach Calls

Accountability calls are the glue that holds everything together. Reviewing progress and making modifications in the program are necessary for everyone.


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