“21 Boom has been a blessing in my life. I started attending their group personal training classes late last year and easily transitioned to their online platform several months ago to ensure safety. I still work out with the same group I did before and continue to see progress from home. 

Since doing their workouts with the guidance of my personal coach I’ve gained muscle mass, got down to my goal weight, have improved posture, movement, and attitude. Before 21 Boom I was experiencing back pain as well as a weakened core from having children. They helped me strengthen my core which relieved pressure from my back and has me playing more with my kids, sleeping better, and my confidence about how I look has noticeably improved. I appreciate the staff for their personalized plans, direction, and above all putting my progress and safety first. 

They adapted to the changing safety guidelines and provided a plan I could continue at home. Thanks to all the staff at 21 Boom. If you haven’t tried out their workouts I recommend giving them a shot.

Dara Blanchard

Experiencing progress and hitting goals feels so good!

Shaunna Karlous

I have always had back issues. There would be points in college where I would wake up in tremendous pain and could not sleep. I chalked it up to exercise, injury, being a male and bad genes. Fits would come and go but April 2016 it came to a head. I was in NYC doing a training course and woke up in severe pain. I could not choke back the tears as I struggled to make my way from the hotel to the subway to the train back to my car then drive home. I am confident I blacked out several times on the train. I needed help to get out of my car. I sought every medical opinion I could get. Chiropractor, yoga, doctors, doctors, doctors. It was decided I should have back fusion surgery. I had to do something to make the pain go away. The pain medication was not even helping at that point.  

I have known Korey for many years, but never REALLY knew what he did. I shared the story and he challenged me to give him a month. I started with him and his trainers in November 2019. Progress was slow but noticeable. Little things. I could put on my own socks. I could get out of the car without holding my back. I could give the kids a piggyback ride and not be in bed in pain the whole next day. My mood changed. I did not realize how short-tempered and mean I was becoming due to the pain.  

It has been about 8 months now. I dont think I will ever be 100% pain free, but there are pain free days. Sometimes weeks. I am back running and playing softball. I am happier. Sleeping again and playing with my kids. My quality of life is substantially better. Not to mention I am stronger and look better. All of this and NO surgery.  

I am so appreciative to Korey McCoy and the whole 21BOOM team. Thank you for giving me my body back.

Joe Petry

“As a graduate student, life became overwhelming and I ended up sacrificing my health. I found myself always tired, not eating the right foods, and severely lacking in self-confidence. I was also having a lot of trouble sleeping and managing my stress. In summary, neglecting my health lead to a reduced quality of life. I finally reached my limit and decided to turn my life around after discovering this program. 

I am currently three months into the program and I have managed to lose 15 pounds, gain greater confidence, manage stress better, sleep better, and eat better! I previously tried everything else, such as fad diets, non-personalized boot camp type programs, YouTube videos, and going to the gym on my own. None of them really worked because they weren’t lifestyle changes and I had no one to guide me. I had no idea what I was doing and lacked the time to research fitness. 

The main reason I love this program is because its foundation is built upon solid scientific research and is led by instructors with vast amounts of knowledge who can customize the program to every individual’s needs in a manner that is achievable and progressive. There is a strong sense of community and accountability that allows one to consistently assess their achievements while celebrating with like-minded others. I highly recommend this program for any working professional looking to increase their quality of life for the rest of their life!”

Lindsay McCoy

I started coming to the gym in January to help strengthen my back and hopefully get rid of the pain I’d been living with from a herniated disk. I started feeling better quickly before injuring myself (not at the gym) again. Rather than stop working out while I went to the spine doctor and physical therapy, like old me would have done, my coach and I decided I should continue with group sessions. What impresses me most about the coaches is how each one takes time to listen to me and modify exercises so that we protect my spine. 

I’ve finished physical therapy and I’ve continued to get stronger as I’ve worked out. I feel better than I have in YEARS. Keep in mind a lot of this was has been happening during the shutdown/quarantine and Korey and the other coaches quickly adapted from in facility class to online live sessions as well as a daily recorded one so there were options to make focusing on my health work even in this crazy time. I honestly feel like signing up was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made

Jesseca Beesley

Check out Tony’s transformation in numbers!

Tony Kowalick

From pain to bulletproof!

Colleen Leonard

Then the coronavirus hit! That was a game changer for me. Telecommuting now, I joined the online Zoom session format and committed to regular workouts-I haven’t looked back! At my sessions M/W/F “regular” people show up three times a week at the same session as me. I’m part of something–that is terrifically empowering. 

There are no overly-competitive types…just real people like me. There are people at different skill levels from beginner to advanced but the coaches tailor the workouts to each person’s ability. I never feel left out or ignored. We are all encouraged to continue to be challenged but be smart and workout safely to prevent injury. We get immediate feedback with this format because the coach can see each of us. I appreciate this so much! The sessions allow me to progress at my own pace alongside others who inspire me to keep going. Yes the sessions are challenging for me but appropriately so. Sharing my little triumphs, challenges and PR’s with the group for encouragement is key for me. I am thrilled to see real and measurable changes in my strength, balance, endurance and even my weight!

Sciatic pain is gone with all the gentle strengthening exercises and stretching. I’m a senior member (aka, over 65); I was overweight and really out of shape when I started. The last time I could do a “real” push up was more than 15 years ago. Now I can do “regular” push ups and other activities that I thought I would never ever be able to again. This has overflowed into my leisure time. I can hike again, my endurance has increased dramatically and my back is so much stronger now. I am so happy I found 21BOOM; the support and coaching has literally changed my life.

Fran Fay

Looking to improve your tennis or other athletic pursuits?

Tim Kensky

Could three weeks change your life?

Scott Elliott

Would you take this type of progress in four short weeks?

Rebecca Lalmohamed

Looking to shape & tone? You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can transform your body & mind.

Karolina  Perino


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The changes are mind-blowing!

Colin      Ellis


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Here’s an experience share with Spencer, a 17-year-old high school athlete.

Spencer Clements


Matt’s health streak continues! Listen to the massive benefits of a comprehensive and consistent program.

Matt Gonyea


Is a 2% body fat reduction in 4 weeks even possible?

Marissa Izykowsm

Here’s Randy’s story of debilitating back pain to functional fitness.

Randy Casanave

“My experience with 21BOOM and its remarkable team goes back at least 10 years. My wife, Paula, had been a member for probably 20 or more years.

I find the facilities/program to be clean, safe, affordable, and available on my schedule. Equipment aside, I think my trainer makes all the difference. Year in and year out as I get older and my needs and abilities change, my trainer constantly adapts my routine.

When I’ve injured myself somewhere else and I come to the gym, that injury or limitation is what informs my exercises that day. My trainer doesn’t miss anything. In fact, he researched and implemented a system of exercises designed to help my sever scoliosis.

He’s absolutely the best! I tell him every week that this is the best money I spend all year, bar none.”



Greg Montgomery

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