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Meet Korey

Korey is a well-known fitness expert in the world of health, fitness, and functional movement. He is trained in human movement and exercise science, but his primary interest is mentoring coaches to utilize personalized and science-based systems that transform the body and mind.

For over twenty years, Korey has led a specialized team of movement and motivation experts. Since 2015, the organization has transitioned to a live and interactive online platform, providing the highest quality healthy lifestyle experience.

Today, those who seek guidance, support, and motivation to live a better life can participate from anywhere in the world. Convenient access to the community, personal accountability, holistic education, personalized exercise instruction, and motivation is a game-changer.

In addition to small group training found on the 21BOOM personal wellness platform, Korey often provides healthy lifestyle, movement, and motivation seminars around the country. Reach out to Korey if he can assist you with organizational or personal wellness.


Entrepreneuship begins

In 1999, Korey incorporated Plan 4 Fitness, LLC and began working with clients.


Brick & Mortar Expansion

In 2003 the operation added a few team members and opened a brick & mortar location in
Stuyvesant Plaza called Plaza Fitness.


Functional Movement Transition

In 2010 Plaza Fitness officially became Plaza Fitness Performance to reflect an emphasis on
functional movement.


A Standardized System Is Born

In pursuit of a system to standardize the personal training service with multiple team members
and deliver identified progress for each client, Korey published a book in 2018, Your Performance Journey. Your Performance Journey consists of 21 milestones that personalize the movement experience. As hard as it is to believe, to this day, the fitness industry has no regulatory or gold standard system in place that promotes personalization and safety while delivering progress based upon research.


The brand pivot to 21BOOM

In March of 2020, the global pandemic forced Plaza Fitness Performance to close for six months. Instead of stopping the business and furloughing the team, the organization committed to delivering the movement experience to our members while supporting the team and their families financially. The pandemic became the catalyst and opportunity for what 21BOOM evolved into.  Over the next few months, the brick & mortar underwent a brand pivot from Plaza Fitness Performance to 21BOOM. 


A Scalable online Personal Wellness Platform is Finalized

The global pandemic in 2020 forced every service we offer to an online delivery method. Thankfully, we were already in our third iteration of our online platform. Meeting our members where they were while still delivering a personalized experience became key. The completion of the 21BOOM App became the most significant tech accomplishment in the history of the organization.



Mass Education of an industry begins with the 21BOOM Online School and Coaching Platform

The 21BOOM coaching platform provides everything you'll need to turn your passion into a thriving business. It all starts with Level I and Move Forward. Level II welcomes you to the business opportunity and our coaching community. Level III encourages you to see movement through a different lens with Neurosomatic Balancing. Finally, Level IV cements the growth mindset into practice with invaluable resources. Answer the call and uncover your passion!



The Journey to Extraordinary Living

Move Forward is Korey's 2nd book. Move Forward leans on the operating system to unearth the path to extraordinary living. Reimagine fitness and take a deep dive into mindset, the evolution of exercise science.

Move Forward is a game-changer for the fitness industry.



Partnership with sportime

21BOOM and Sportime formed a strategic partnership in 2022. 



Deliberate exercise has existed for centuries.  A recommended historical article, “The History of Physical Fitness,” was completed by Erwan Le Corre from MovNat in 2015.  Many literature reviews have provided concrete evidence that exercise is a critical component in our modern lifestyles.  One such article, “Exercise – The Miracle Cure,” from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in 2015 provides compelling evidence that everyone must exercise to lead a life of optimal health.

The modern proliferation of the fitness industry has given us bigger groups, lower prices, insufficient personalization, and poorer outcomes. A whopping 80% of us do not obtain the minimum amount of recommended daily exercise. In fact, as of 2016, our society was 40% obese with projections reaching 50% by 2030, according to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC).  However, when these projections were made, they did not account for a global pandemic that would accelerate the obesity crisis. It would not be a surprise to anyone if those projections were today’s reality.

Who’s to blame for these poor outcomes?  The gym industry? Professional coaches? Society and the people who choose not to exercise? Our local, state, and federal government and the leaders who set policy?

Regardless of your answer to that question, we arrive at an urgency for potential solutions.  21BOOM represents an incredible option to deliver better outcomes for our society.  There is no better time than now to establish a standard that begins with personalization, promotes body friendly movements and safety, inherently motivates, and all comes together with accountability from a qualified and caring coach.

At the moment, the fitness industry is the wild, wild west with no regulation from local, state, or federal agency.  This means anyone can present themselves as a personal trainer or coach and begin recommending anything, including contraindicated or inappropriate movement.  Our society has never been presented with the risks of injury associated with the perilous cocktail of large group bootcamps and external load. Science and study has not caught up to verifying the many strains, pains, and permanent injuries that result from inadequate screening, negligent coaching, and programming void of proven logic.

21BOOM promises progress through 21 milestones that personalizes the experience for all fitness levels, age groups, and movement capabilities.  When applied, this approach yields an easy to follow ‘If This Then That’ protocol based upon specific human functional movement assessments. When a personalized approach is taken, progress is experienced.  Progression is a vital human motivator for exercise adherence and perceived value, especially for those who may be sporadic or new to exercise.