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Cultivate Progress For Extraordinary Living


Our personal training program is live, so you get world class coaches coming to you at a time and location convenient for you. With numerous sessions throughout the day, you can join your favorite coach for a movement session that will give you strength, energy, and a metabolic boost.

*If you need workouts on demand, we offer that, but there’s nothing quite like being in a session with a community of like-minded members and a coach guiding and motivating you to be your best


Healthy eating becomes your way of life. We make your goals a priority and personalize the eating plan with guides, grocery lists, example meals, as well as calorie and macronutrient goals.

Your eating habits are largely influenced by your environment and habits which quickly become engrained within your mindset. We’ll work with you to breakthrough and confront the obstacles that lead to your outcomes.


Meeting once per week with your primary coach is the glue that holds everything together. With a caring coach who guides you from week to week, progress is guaranteed.

Many online programs fail to provide the powerful benefits of the human touch. Personal Wellness Coaching solves this issue by integrating a cognitive behavioral approach, so you can finally make progress and live the life you’ve dreamed.

Personalized sessions






Movement Screen & Strategy Session

Let’s set up a time to discuss your health & fitness goals to establish a personalized movement, nutrition, and accountability plan.


BASIC - STEPS in the right direction

Your Own Personal Wellness Platform

Online & Interactive Dashboard

Monitor Behavioral Habits & Biometric Progress

Participate In Live Health, Fitness, & Wellness Seminars

Nutrition guidance & Meal Tracking

Exercise Programming That Transforms Life Through Science-Based Strategic and Body-Friendly Movements

Follow A Personalized Plan Through Milestones That Give Rise To Progress

Three On Demand Strength Sessions Per Week



All Benefits of Our BASIC Program

Weekly Accountability Call With Your Primary Coach

No Contracts


Ideal - GO LIVE!

All Benefits of Our ENHANCED Program

Live Strength, Yoga, and Guided Meditation Sessions Within Our Community of Like-Minded Training Partners

No Contracts

What Our Clients Are Saying

Client Photo
Joe Petry

It has been about 8 months now. I dont think I will ever be 100% pain free, but there are pain free days. Sometimes weeks. I am back running and playing softball. I am happier. Sleeping again and playing with my kids. My quality of life is substantially better. Not to mention I am stronger and look better. All of this and NO surgery. Thank you for giving me my body back.

Client Photo
Lindsay McCoy

The main reason I love this program is because its foundation is built upon solid scientific research and is led by instructors with vast amounts of knowledge who can customize the program to every individual’s needs in a manner that is achievable and progressive. There is a strong sense of community and accountability that allows one to consistently assess their achievements while celebrating with like-minded others. I highly recommend this program for any working professional looking to increase their quality of life for the rest of their life!

Client Photo
Jesseca Beesley

I honestly feel like signing up was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Client Photo
Dara Blanchette

21 Boom has been a blessing in my life. I started attending their group personal training classes late last year and easily transitioned to their online platform several months ago to ensure safety. I still work out with the same group I did before and continue to see progress from home.

Client Photo
Fran Fay

As you know I joined PFP in March of 2019 as a remote client. I would get a workout plan weekly on a telephone call with my coach. At that time I was in pretty poor physical condition. I was supposed to do the workout 3 times a week and do cardio on the other days. Then once a month I would check in at the main facility for an in person evaluation and work out.

Client Photo
John Hughey

What an incredible group of professional guys and gals to work with me, thank you team, your professional coaching, RPR, Core, Flexibility Training has changed my life.

Client Photo
Tim Wells

I’m running without pain and road cycling like I have never before. I’m in the best shape of my life and I attribute that to following the 21BOOM program.

Client Photo
EC Stumpf

21BOOM has changed my life and given me a new purpose. After 25 years I’ve seen it all in gyms and this program is the only approach I would recommend.


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Program payments are taken every month from any major credit card, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

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